We all need photos of our work if we are going to sell it online. While you are setting up your staging area, this is a good time to think not about just one main photo, but also detail photos or complimentary shots that can be used in various advertising from social media and your website to more conventional advertising like flyers for upcoming events and photos for your portfolio. If you will take the time to take additional pictures when you are trying to get that one main shot, you can cut down on future photo shoots. Here are just a few of the photos that I took for this shoot: The number one piece of advice I can give regarding a photo shoot is to plan ahead. Photo shoots take time if you want to create a quality piece of advertising. We all spend a lot of time on our work. The last thing we want to do is rush through photographing it. We want to show it in the best light possible to appeal to the biggest audience possible.

What do I mean by plan ahead?
1. Consider upcoming events, holidays, or the biggest selling days coming up for you and choose staging items that not only go with the piece that you are advertising at the moment, but also fit with those upcoming events.
2. If you can, set aside time to photograph several items at one time. Not only will this save you time, your photos will look more consistent if you are shooting them for say a brochure. If you know you are going to produce a brochure for an upcoming event, try
to shoot all of those photos at one time, so they look consistent. By consistent I mean, the lighting, the background, the staging, staging items used.
3. It takes time to get all of those staging items out and put away before and after a photo shoot. Consider various holidays that are coming and photograph the same pieces with different staging to produce ads for more than one occasion. Above, you will see that one set of pics is great for spring and the other has colors and staging items that go well with fall advertising.
4. To break this down even further, once you have the main shot set up that you are happy with, think about the detail shots you want to take. If you don’t know what kind of detail shots to take, go through magazines or websites on line that have interesting shots and try to emulate some of those shots with your own pieces. A second tip is to just pic your camera up and move it around until you have an interesting composition in your lens and then take your shot. Keep in mind that you can use close ups of the staging items as
well as detail shots of your creations.

This serves a couple of purposes. One purpose is to give your audience a true feeling for the quality of work they are paying for. If I am purchasing something on line, I want to see those close up shots, because photos can hide imperfections. The second reason that it is a good idea to take close up shots, is that your detail shots can be used as a background or accent for your ad, like I did with the flower photo in the ad above.