Branding, Identity and Logo Design

What is the difference between the three and do you need all of them?

Branding is the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.

The identity is the overall visual aspect of the brand.

The logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

A brand is an organization, service or product with a personality that is shaped by the perceptions of their audience. The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a corporate image is that everything a company does, owns and produces right down to their customer service should reflect the values and reasons the company exists. When people buy their products or services, they feel part of the brand or community. It is the emotional connection that creates the brand. When branding your company, ask yourself these two questions. What are you known for? If I were to introduce you to someone, how would I describe what you do for your audience?

The identity is based on a specific set of guidelines that the visual aspects of the brand must adhere to when applied to company materials. These guidelines determine the color palette, fonts, layouts and measurements of the identity to ensure it is coherent throughout its use and becomes recognizable by the company’s audience. There are several pieces to the corporate image puzzle. These pieces are listed below.

~ Stationery is the letterhead, envelopes, business card

~ Marketing collateral is website, social media, flyers, brochures, books

~ Products sold and the packages they come in

~ Shirts, hats, uniforms and any other apparel worn by employees and customers

~ Signage

~ Communications

~ Anything visual that represents the business

The logo is the easily recognizable and reproducible visual design element created for a company or product. It identifies the company or product in its simplest form, much like a person’s name.

In conclusion, branding, identity and the logo all work together to represent what the company stands for and what it means to its customers.