custom furnishings

Custom work is so rewarding! I thoroughly enjoy the process of working closely with my clients on items that they have brought to me to freshen up. Just the look on their faces when they see the transformation is priceless. Below are some recently finished custom pieces for inspiration for your next project. Send me some pictures of your forgotten treasure that needs a bit of love and together we can fulfill your dreams of creating a family heirloom with what you have.
There can be a bit more work involved in doing custom work. Typically the process goes like this. When I am contacted to do work for a client, I will ask that photos of the piece be sent to me first and ask that some preliminary questions be answered before we meet about the project. We typically meet in my client’s home so I can get a good sense of their style and colors. We will choose colors and I will then produce samples for approval with chosen color(s) and technique and possibly alternatives. Once the sample is approved, the process of cleaning, repair and finishing is begun. Depending on the selected finished, times to complete projects vary due to dry times and cure time. Delivery or shipping is available for a fee.

Talk Around Town

What my clients are saying about my furniture…

Love both the coffee table and end table that Rhonda did for us! Couldn’t be more perfect for our living room! Sherry Spychalla Pomplun

Rhonda listens and can visualize what you are seeing, and make your dreams come true. I inherited an old buffet from my mother-in-law, and the restoration Rhonda did on it has ensured that it will be a family heirloom for generations to come. I have 5 children and they all would like to receive it, we are thinking of doing a revolving ownership of it… I can’t thank her enough for the love she put into the piece! Katherine Anne Becker

Rhonda does a wonderful job of listening to my needs and helping with bringing these ideas to fruition. I absolutely love the 3 pieces that she has brought back to life! Thank you, Rhonda, for all your support and creativity! Debbie Holland


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